The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Today Mrs. H was walking out the door as I came in, her kiddo was ill and she was off to go home and take care of him. She suggested we move the 921 rolling shelves over to my side of the library by the blue lab, so he did that for us and helped keep the kids honest with passes and signing in, and read shelves. We got in two boxes of supplies, one had our new tattle tape, 2 boxes of it, and one with some new fiber tape, sharpies and some batteries. We got another box of preview books for Mr. O, so I let him know they were here along with the Connected Math books and he came and got them 4th period. A girl needed a book, and I discovered that when we put the bio shelves over, we had turned one around! So we flipped it. Ms. O loves that we put the shelves there. I worked on some minor repairs to our America: Pathways books for a class coming in during 8th period. I hate to check out battered books, so I quickly did some and had enough done when the class came in. Mr. C brought his class in to check out Martian Chronicles. Mr. C from Follett came in looking for books to sell or buy. I told him I didn't think we had anything, but remembered our old Bedford Readers that we don't use anymore, and he said yes, they were buying at about 3 times the normal buy price, so I called Mrs. H and she gave the go ahead to sell them, so I did. We checked on 3 other books, but they were a no go. I was the last one in the library, so closed it down and headed home.

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