The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today I worked on getting the translations for our german books. When we got some carts from a clean up of the german room, we decided to send them to LMSS so we could have some german library books in case someone needed one to read. They sent them back asking for translation, which means the information for them to catalogue it. So, I had a great time searching out the publishers, copyrights, illustrators, subjects. So I filled out all the forms for each book and sent them back. Most of them were fairy tales and a few other classics. One was a book on a mountain climber called Überlebt. That means 'survived'. Checked in and out more books, processed in 5 teacher magazines and 3 for the library. Sent a list of books out from Ms. A's students for 4 different books. Touched base with a teacher on some books we have stored in the back. Asked the shop teacher if we could have some kids redo the shelves for our oversized books. Put money into print accounts.

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