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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Please Return

Got in the rest of the math books Mr. O had requested so I let him know they were here. FedEx came and picked up the books we sold to Follett yesterday. I had a request for online access so I asked our teacher if she had it, and she doesn't, so tomorrow I will contact the rep to see if we can do that. I printed out more return books slips and got those all designated so our aides could deliver them. We had borrowed some Algebra Connections books from South HS at the beginning of the year, and now they need them back. We had two in, so I sent those off and I made slips asking our students to please return the South texts they had and we'd replace them with a Sprague text since we had some extras, so I hope they get turned in starting tomorrow. Processed four teacher magazines and eight for the library. I had a student return an AP Biology book and the end was all ragged, so I let him know that I'd have to put some tape and time on it and he'd get a bill for $5. He said that it was all right, he could see it. With all the work the techs are doing to our Central Server, Mrs. H got a flash drive and we backed up all our files in our document folders. I then took it, labeled it and put it in one of our locked cabinets. I got more oversized books out on the shelf and we had a book display that could sit on a counter, so we put that out by our check out computer and we'll display an oversized book for the kids to walk by and see and maybe get a bit intrigued by. Mr. S is having his students read a biography. It has to be over 300 pages and the person has to be deceased, so I got to go through some of our books with the students today and that was a lot of fun.

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