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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Making Bad Kitty Happy

So, we still have a lot of 1st semester books out, so Bad Kitty made an appearance on the live student announcements this morning. We asked for kids to bring them in, especially Economics, Mythology and Martian Chronicles books, to make Bad Kitty happy, of course! Checked out to Mrs. A a class set of Nineteen Minutes and Brave New World. Classes came in to get To Kill a Mockingbird and two classes for Developing Child. Boxed up and shipped out 4 boxes of Anatomy and Physiology to another school. Had to clean out my e-mails and then my document folder for the printer migration that happens tonight. I got the first set of oversized books all relabeled and some back on the shelf! Yeah! Our security lady also started going into lockers and pulling out the 1st semester Economics books and found a bunch (but no Mythology), so that was good news for the students waiting for them. A girl came in looking to pay her bill for a Great Gatsby book and we were astonished that they were $27! So I looked it up and they are even going for more now! One site said $67! I told her to run with the $27! Great Gatsby!

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