The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Early Bird

Since today I had a dentist appointment, I switched shifts with Mrs. M and went in early. I got in at 7 and got the library ready to go for the day. I had to text Mrs. M and ask for the password for the search computers! She texted it back to me :) Checked out kids, put money into accounts and sat up front until Mrs. M come in. Then I headed back to my desk. I worked on the covers for the oversized books and glued the hinges of the books so they'll sit until tomorrow. Had a class come in to pick up some Algebra books and I picked the wrong set, so Mrs. B said, no, they needed this one, and I went and got it, and it was the wrong one again. *sigh* so one of her kids was there and he went back and pulled the right ones while I checked in the wrong ones. Finally we got it right. My fault entirely I checked the e-mail, but didn't read it very well. After I got all the books glued and set, it's time to go!

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