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Monday, February 28, 2011

Books to Movies

With the Oscars last night, I decided to do my books into movies calendar, so I tore down the old one and got the new one all up. It's so easy when everything has been done several times! I just wish we had more of the books on hand, three are checked out (Eat, Pray, Love; Dear John; The Last Song) and one is missing (The Lightning Thief) but we still had enough to get the point across. I even had a book on Britain's Monarchy that has a fabulous picture of George the VI for the King's Speech (even though it didn't come from a book - still worthwhile to display!). Checked out three class sets of Algebra Connections V2 books today so three sets of V1 in, money into print accounts, other various books in and out. Showed the shop students how I wanted the shelves on the oversize book case. Another day of CIS today and I helped these seniors work on the same course planner as the ones I had on Friday. Had a couple of parents call on books that have been billed and we went through that with them.

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