The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Couches

So Monday while I was gone, Mrs. H got in our new couches for the library! We are very excited about them. Our old couches were, well, old and our principal just said they were wrong from so many different areas, not to mention illegal from the district policy of furniture, so they are a welcome addition! Did more checking in and out today for the classes. Had teachers e-mailing pick ups and just coming by, checking on how many books we had in. Another school wants ten books that we have so I sent out an e-mail to staff asking if anyone was going to need it before I sent it off. We also learned today that our budget has been cut off. If we haven't used everything, it is now unusable. Luckily we had already sent for a PO for some new books and that we think we can still go out and purchase some new spring books. Did some repairs and helped a new volunteer work today while Mrs. H was teaching a class. Got to help three students work on their book projects that hadn't been able to do that the other day. Ended up eating lunch at my desk, but I got to read my book with it, kind of in between helping students.

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