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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

15 Additional

Got to work and had Mrs. H going 'look in your in box!' So I finally got my computer up and there was a notice from our office asking if I'd like 15 additional minutes added to my day which makes me full time and full benefits - I said a resounding 'YES!!' The library has literally been begging for years for my position to have 6 hours and now we have it! I'm so excited! Worked on Nanowrimo notices today and asked Ms. A if she'd like to be on a notice for contact and she was said yes. Worked on getting a jam out of the copier and a teacher came by after I had pulled everything apart 3 times and found the bit of paper stuck in a little space I hadn't noticed - at least that got it working! Did some repairs, talked to our textbook guy about the Chemistry teacher resources and he had done part of the job, but had forgotten about putting them back together, so glad I was able to remind him. Processed in a magazine. Got in a box of preview books, and they were all jumbled in the box, so I put them on a cart and sorted them out for Mrs. H to go through. It'll be easier for her if they are all ready to scan and decide yes or no. Put the Dime books back in our back room. The teacher isn't quite sure if they will maybe use them again or not, so for now we will keep them. It was 'Tea Party Day' for our Alice in Wonderland homecoming theme so I wore a pretty black hat and stuck tea packets in it and got a lot of compliments from kids. (Though Ms. S looked stunning in her 'mad hatter' outfit - no way I competed with that!) Checked in and out books. The usuals for the day.

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