The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Little Oly's Bookmarks

Today Mrs. H had a sick kiddo at home and when we got an email from the Little Oly's preschool for trick or treats tomorrow, I of course responded yes! To make sure we had something to give away, I made some special Little Oly's bookmarks, printed them up and had them laminated for tomorrow. They turned out really nice. I did more notes in the America Pathways books and also added in the billing and paid notices. Had a student find a book that he paid for on Friday to get homecoming tickets. Had another book come in as well from last year that was billed so I got that cleared up. Dealt with a lot more students than I normally do since Mrs. H wasn't there after Mrs. M left. Processed in six magazines for the library and one for a teacher. Sent a book back to another school - we had sent them to ECHS and a lady there sent it to us to find out who it belonged to, but since it was transferred, I don't have that information, so I sent a note and sent it back.

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