The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Dangerous Place

Was going about my day, repairing books, checking books out and it came to lunch. One gal had her lunch out and I scolded her and she left. Then a couple of students came in chewing, so I went over and they were just finishing their last bites as I gave them, we've already talked about this, and they got up and left, saying 'f****** B****' many times in the course of their exiting. One of them left her phone and so I took it, knowing they'd be back and I was planning on taking it to the office, pretty sure of who it was. I got Mrs. H to look her up and got her full name and student number and was getting ready to head to the office. The student came in and I asked for her name, she wouldn't give it to me, so I said we needed to go to the office and talk with Mrs. W (one of the admins). I just headed for the office and she followed. When we got there, Mrs. W's door was shut, so I asked our security fellow who was around, and he said Mr. S had just gone into his office, so I knocked and asked if he could help. He said yes, so I told him about the student and our interaction. He called her in and she came in, asked for her phone. He asked her name, she wouldn't give it and asked for her phone again. He asked for her name and she told him what it was and asked for her phone again. He said that they would have to have a conversation later and she took her arm, swept a bunch of stuff off his desk (computer monitor, phone, some papers) and then went to run out of the office, and there I was standing and she slammed me up against the door and ran out. wow. So I have a bump on the back my head, a little bit of a bruise under my eye. I have oodles of paperwork to fill out, had to go see a doctor for some documentation...ugh. My head's a little sore, but I'll be back at work tomorrow. I know she has to be accountable, but a teacher came and filled me in on some of her backstory, so I can see where it came from. Still not o.k. to do it, but still, I feel so bad for her.

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