The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


A very cool book I looked through today while Mrs. H and I were having lunch. The story of a family on the Oregon Trail and along with it, true stories from people who did it. Lavishly illustrated with photos, paintings, drawings. So many good books to read right now! Did some more working with the new Destiny program and found that I could check out the billed books to someone (I tried it on me) and then declare them 'lost' and it would put the note into the book and to the person responsible. I'm now checking to see if I can do this, and if the program won't add another charge into our billing system. I don't think that that piece is on line yet, but if it is, I'll have to find another way around it. Still worked on numbering the America Pathways. Went in early since Mrs. M didn't come in and with a Manga Club meeting right after school, I can leave early - Huzzah! Dressed up piratey for the day and had good fun with the kids. Got to help some kids with books and did some checking in and out of library books! Yeah! Mrs. H got us in the peel off back return date slips to put in the books, so we are doing that and nice to have that so the kids know when their books are due.

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