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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Keeping it Real

Realidades 2 that is! Got in our barcodes today for Realidades 2 and got them all checked out to students! That was the best part of the day. I was so excited to tell the teachers that we were finally ready for all of that. We were one barcode short, so I asked for one more and our lovely Mr. C textbook guy sent me one on a PDF file and asked me to print to see if that would work and by crackie, it did! Checked out three classes of Realidades 2. Worked some more on the Chemistry teacher resources that got mixed up with the books, finished up the repairs to the American Government books. Did some more repairs. Checked out other books as well today, even some library books! Sent emails to Mr. C on some other issues relating to our textbook barcodes. Checked for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for a teacher. Another school is using it, so she will go with Of Mice and Men instead. Found a student who loves to do Nanowrimo and sent him to Ms. A for an article she's doing on that event. Sent an email to staff about our park next door that there is a trail work party on Saturday. Since it uses part of our parking, I thought some might be interested in helping out. Had a former student who came yesterday with a visitor badge and today he came and was hanging around and helping out and when I noticed he didn't have a badge, I sent him to the office and they said no, he couldn't stay. Glad I noticed and that he now has 'official' word on that. 

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