The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Craft Day

Today was craft day where all the kids rotate among rooms and work on a holiday craft. I helped out in Mrs. B's room today because she didn't have anybody to help her manage the kids. We made stockings - red cardstock with a stocking printed on it, they cut it out, then glued cotton balls to the top and made glue designs then covered those with glitter. It was very busy! Didn't get a break until after I did my cafeteria duty though Mrs. B did ask a couple of times, it was just too busy to leave and I knew I had the entire afternoon since the kids left at 1:15. Got in my breaks and lunch, put away all the books that had come in this week and the few from last week, so things are looking very nice. Since I didn't have library time today, I offered to let two classes come in tomorrow during my library/prep time so the kids have a chance to check out books before break, so I have six classes coming in tomorrow! I'm exhausted, came home and took a nap!

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