The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, December 16, 2013


Very excited today, I turned in my first ever Baker and Taylor order! Mrs. H had always done it at Sprague, so I never bothered to learn it, but I learned today. With the JLG order I already did, and this, that still leaves a bit of money for supplies if I should need some more. I am so proud of myself and can't wait until the books arrive!! Had one class come in today and a couple of the kids actually asked to help me. That was awesome. They wanted character bucks, but I'm not sure if I get any ~~ must ask tomorrow! I read them My Penguin Osbert and afterwards I asked what a bad present would be and a kid put his hand up "A gun!" wow. That nearly floored me. I'm talking penguins and they're already so far down the road from that. Another said a bomb, another a bb gun. So I turned them into thinking of other animals and that was better! Helped Mrs. M today cutting out pentagons and triangles for her project in the afternoon and turned on the upstairs computer lab for her kiddos. Back down for lunch and cafeteria duty. Then my class and some cleaning up, then up for the activity and then some math, then a time for completing class work that had been left and you could watch the movie if you got it all done. Class over then to the library and getting that order done. Huzzah!

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