The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Got to see my first snowfall out my windows today! It was so cool! Did my LLI lesson today and gave my kids their seeds from the giant sequoia's in our neighborhood. That was fun. Read to three classes today, but the PM kindergarten was cancelled so I got a bit extra library time. Did The 12 Bugs of Christmas to the Kinders and they loved it, even got their attention away from watching the snow fall outside. The fifth graders were all right, we read The Gift of the Magi, a bit above their level, but they didn't do too bad. Proposed that I open the library on inclement days and have a space for kids to read, make up homework and work on keyboarding skills. Mr. M loved the idea, at least for half of my lunch duty time. So I'm working on it! Worked clock math with the kids today and then took them down to the computer lab to play math games on Sumdog. They wanted everyone outside to make sure the kids didn't go too wild when school got out, so luckily I had my mega winter coat and gloves and scarf and yelled "Walk! WALK!" to them. After we got all the kids out, Ms. T came on the intercom and told us all to go home and get home safely, so I got out a little early. Loved watching the snow out the windows today. That was a real joy!

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