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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

File Be Gone

Today we had a new lady come and use the old librarian office so I commented that if we got the old file cabinets out there would be more room, so later in the day one of our custodians came and carted them away! Yeah! More room! Much nicer! Sent out an email to let people know as well. Checked in lots of books today, sent out overdue and what was due reports to the teachers today. Sent back some books from other schools. Sent a book in for processing for our school that another school got rid of. Shelved all of the rest of last week's books. Worked up in Mrs. M's class today. She didn't have much for me to do in the morning, so I got to work the library a bit more checking in a whole box of books she had brought in from home. She's down to only 56 books out! Mr. B came by today to put a new part in  one of the lab computers! I gave him a big hug! We really missed him when he was sent off from Sprague. He used to have lunch nearly every day with Mrs. H and I. What a nice guy, funny, conversational with two women! I really miss him! It was good to hear his voice and hug a really great guy. Up in Mrs. M's room we did some reading today, then worked with a 'Christmas Passport' unit that shows what other countries do with the holiday time. It is fun and the kids really like it. Then we worked our math unit with clocks. I love working with the clocks! Did some cleaning and getting ready for classes tomorrow. Did LLI and had a good time with the students. Only had two, so I was very content. I can just about handle two! We worked on words that have consonants with two different sounds, like 'c' in city or cozy. A pretty good day all in all.

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