The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

No More Dumping!

Halleluah! Our old custodian was sent to another school, and one of my old friends who is now a supervising custodian came in and told me "That's not your job! That should be the custodian that does that!" So he was there all day and talked with people. It was good just to see him again, but hearing I wouldn't have to cafeteria dump anymore was a great bonus and made my day! Huzzah! Worked up in Mrs. M's class this morning and this afternoon. Worked LLI this morning as well. I helped Mrs. M with some math scoring. And helped with reading to the kids. Several asked me to listen to them read. Maybe we are bonding at last. Then  helped with their math and tackling division. That went well. Got together some books for Mrs. M. Checked in about 100 books. Sent reports out on which students still had books out, and that because of the week off for the kids, everything was due! So I got to check in about 100 books. No classes in the library today, but packed tomorrow! 

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