The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Today for reading time I brought in a quilt I had made years ago since on Monday a girl had asked what a quilt was. It was fun to roll it out and then I draped it on my desk for the rest of the day. Two of the ladies came by and loved it! Did my LLI class today and then my four classes of reading in a row. The older kids didn't quite get The Gift of the Magi, but mostly listened. The other 2/3 blend loved the Jolly Christmas Postman. I held the last accordian postcard open so they could all peek into the postman's home through the letterbox and they all really enjoyed that! Then cafeteria time. Then the kids left for home for the day and I had lovely blessed library time. Got books displayed for the authors of the month, sorted and put away all the non-fiction and Everybody books, so just a shelf of fiction to go. Checked in a lot of books as well. I love my library time!

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