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Friday, December 13, 2013

Orchestra Visit

Today was crazy. Put a new voice message on my phone since it still had last year's assistant on it. Had our LLI program first and sent them off for the weekend. Then heard there would be a fire drill at 9:30. Great, no students, I'd be in the library, perfect (except that I'd lose precious library time!). Then they decided to cancel. Then, I got in my first class of Kinders, and it went off! I ushered them out to the covered area and felt very bad that some of them didn't have coats. At least it was warmer today than it has been for a week or more. I was wearing a sweater vest and loaned it to a student. Got back into the library and nearly got done and the alarm went off again! Back out we went. This was all from yesterday's problem with the busted water pipe, but thank goodness we didn't have to go out again! My 5th grade class next had an assembly, so they didn't come in and I was able to get my jlg stuff ready to go for a PO number, but I wanted to talk to our principal first and was able to touch base with her at lunch and she said all right. I only want half out of my budget for this year used, and the invoice I was sent was for all of it, so I emailed the jlg rep to get an invoice for half for now, then the rest after our new budget year rolls around.   Then I had our music teacher ask if he could bring in the 4th grade orchestra to play for my Kinders, and I was ecstatic! Yes! We also had Mrs. H's kids in the computer lab, so she pulled them all out to listen and be an audience as well. It was great and I loved it! Then lunch, cafeteria duty and back for my last class of the week. I turned in my request for a PO, and then up to Mrs. M's room for the rest of the day. I helped with her 'Christmas Around the World' unit and we made stockings, wooden shoes, yule logs and finally the crowns for St. Lucia. It was busy, fun and the kids loved it. After school we had the teachers come into the library to discuss next Wednesday and I guess we're having a special day of activities for the kids to do, so there won't be anyone in library time :(  so I offered to be another place in the school (a teacher is also using his room) for anyone that would like to just come and read, do homework or work on computer skills while the others are doing the holiday things. Mr. M was very excited, Mrs. M was also very grateful because she has a student who wouldn't be participating in those things, so we'll see if anyone shows up!

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