The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Two hour delay today, but since I drove my hubby to work, I ended up coming in on my regular schedule anyways. So, I got some extra library time that way! Did go into the LLI room and divest of last week's stuffs and picked out my lessons for this week. Got all my fiction shelved and everybody books. Finished straightening up from last week and then had to do a bit more from Mrs. L's class after they left. We read 'The Mitten' today and that was fun. Helped out in Mrs. M's class with them making poinsettias and did a lot of clean up from that. Put my last class up on my Thankful for Great Books board and it looks good, from a 'well, everyone is on there' kind of stand point! They are saying more snow tonight, so we'll see! I have to finish up Game of Thrones, then have two more sitting here with more Game of Thrones coming in from Sprague.

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