The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, November 24, 2014


Got in this morning and worked on getting my advertising all in place for conferences tonight. I figured, the better I hit people, the more it might work! Signs, getting posters hung up near the gym where all the teachers would be. Putting up extra stuff to draw their attention. I put in a lot of miles in the hallways today! Did about $300 tonight in only 3 hours of conferences, so did well. Started to clean up all the stacks of stuff I had lying around. Changed out the rolls of laminating film for this huge poster project they were working on. Had to watch the video again, still so confusing!! But I did it quicker this time and didn't wrap film around rollers where it had no business being! So that was a win in my books! My marvelous hubby came in after his work all day and did calligraphy for people at the fair. I dressed up in my Rennaissance gear and would walk down to the gym to hand out the flyers and encourage parents and students to come see the fair. It was a long day, glad it was over! Longer day tomorrow!

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