The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Sweeping Up

Today I started with sweeping up the computer lab. It was really a mess!! I got like a whole cake plate full of trash, not to mention paper and the strap off a backpack and Halloween candy wrappers. It was bad. Had classes in the library all day. Lots of kids checking in and out books. Had my aides finish putting numbers on a set of math books. Took one of our new projectors into a teacher's room and swapped out the 'loaner' she was using. Had two kids that were on inappropriate sites and tried to see if I could find their browser history. Couldn't find it, but they did confess to a lot of what an adult saw them doing. That was quite interesting. Really made sure the library lab was nice tonight when I left, put all the headphones away, and am only missing one! I'm sure it's somewhere at school, will put out a call for it Monday. Sent off three books to a teacher at another school. Did more Tattle Tale strips. Got in our last computer and opened it up and locked it in the closet with the other two. Had some subs in and they did some great work reading shelves. Laughed tonight as two of our teachers were in the workroom running the scantron. They were so silly and giggley as one of the tests got stuck and what they did to get it out!

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