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Friday, November 21, 2014

Stormy Windy

Before I left for home this afternoon I paused for a moment and looked out the windows to see the trees just bent over by the wind. Rain against the windows and Ms. V and I just stared. For a moment anyways! Book Fair sales were great today, though so too was the pilfering. So sad :( Tried to kind of clean up spaces tonight because conferences start Monday and I just have stuff all over the place since I've been so busy with the fair. It drives me crazy! Checked in and out books all day, sold stuffs all day. A lovely moment. A friend had us all over last Saturday for a block party. We all had these glass blocks and put lights inside and decorated them. They turned out amazing. My mom didn't make one, but she loved one of the display ones. So Mrs. T came by today and brought that block in for me to give to my mom. That is so sweet! I am truly blessed by being loved by amazing people! Mr. M came in and asked if we wanted the Book Fair in the commons for conferences and I decided no, I'd rather just stay in the library, but they are having meetings in the library for the Professional Development part of the day, so I closed up the rolling carts, pushed them over. One of my aides helped me put the tables all over by where the carts were and put chairs up and she used our pick up vacuum thing to pick stuff off the floor. She is so good! I counted up monies tonight for the fair, and we'll have to see where we came out! I took in over $300 to put up in the office this afternoon so there wouldn't be so much down in the library over the weekend. My day never stopped, though there was a moment somewhere that all of sudden I was like "it's so quiet..." then it was gone!

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