The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

More Projector Swap

This though was for a teacher. I went straight up to her room this morning. We've gone through 3 bulbs here, and hers blew too. We are totally out of her kind of bulb! So I brought in one of our extra projectors, hooked it up and took her projector. It'll just sit in my office until a new bulb arrives. Found a great page with all the projector types for Hitachi and the bulb that goes with each projector. That was pretty cool! Got in our new projector to match our other three. Stripped some books. Did a ton of laminating after school, took about 45 minutes to get it all done. Checked out a class set of books for Mr. R. Had the aides all check over their sections today, the library really is a mess. Mr. M came in during my lunch and we found that if we jiggled a cord for the library computer lab, the screen actually projected white instead of yellow. Nice. We think we just need a new splitter and then it'll be tight. Hopefully! Checked in and out a ton of books. One of the kids that's in here for a P.E. release started to put books away without checking them in, oh no! Packaged up a book to send back, and the student it was for came in. I told her I was sending it back and did she still want it, and she said yes, so I got it out for her and checked it out to her. Had Mrs. J's classes all in here today, and the kids needed their user names. So I looked up a bunch of them all throughout the day. Helped a lot of kids get logged on. 

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