The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Book Faire Here!

Got the call right away this morning that the truck delivering our book fair was here and they'd send it down and around to the back to deliver the carts. We got four rolling carts. One of my aides helped me move tables around to accommodate the fair. I left them pretty well locked up all day. Had a ton of kids in today. Classes in the computer lab, other classes coming to check out the next math book. Had the aides work on taking down all the regular books we had on display and putting up medieval themed books. I worked the rolling rack on that one. Hung up display flags from the little roof line. Put up some posters in the hall and on the doors. Took our two 'knights' and taped them to the Tattle gates, one on each side. Then after work I had to run to my bank and pull $60 worth of change out of my account so I'd have change starting tomorrow. Wrote a cute little announcement for our wonderful admin assistant to read in the morning. I need a nap! Still have boxes to unpack and display in the morning, lots of little gadgets and dohickey things to do too! Not to mention figuring out the terminal thingy!

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