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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Projector Swapping

I guess someone noticed while I was gone, that we got in three projectors to replace the surplussed ones and they were totally different than the one we had gotten in a week or so ago. I communicated with the techs and after going through the boxes, models, serial numbers they decided to have me pack up the oddball one and send it back so they will send another one like the three I got in while I was gone. So we will see! I also sent a list of surplussed equipment to our office manager so she could order new document cameras. I took off the two that had been revamped and we got back, and sent her the list of the four that are no longer usable. Had classes in the library all day. Science was in the lab, and language arts had three classes come in and check out books. Love it when I have my aides close by to help out! Got in a lot of mail. Sent out a few things. Got another kudo bar for helping a teacher with her projector. I may get quite the stash! So we checked in and out a ton of books today. Had a teacher bring in two sets of science books to check in for him as well. I had a boy come in today after school and ask to help, so I set him to putting in the number notes of the science books. Did a bit of stripping. Took down all the "Sbooky" books and put up new ones. Had the young boy pick out some non-fiction books on the rack there. Trolled through a ton of emails to answer. Had to take a young man's test from the AR (Accelerated Reader) and delete it. I think I figured it out! Tried to help Mr. M install an upside down lamp into a projector. My hubby even brought me a yummy sandwich for lunch since we didn't have anything to make when I left home this morning. He had to leave, but still, it was nice to see him! Glad to be back though my office when I left was in a huge mess!

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