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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Spider and Thief

Here is my knight guarding the library and book fair books!

The view from my office.
The view from the front of the library.

The cool little 'did you know' signs with a display of our nonfiction medieval books!
I was so excited about opening the fair today, and a little apprehensive too! I hadn't worked the scanner/register yet and so did that almost first thing this morning. Scholastic has some great cheat sheets about it and I really went over them. Still had a few issues here and there. Like one set of erasers likes to ring up negative, then everything else rings up negative. What?!? So we learned how to void things. I have to leave early for a meeting tomorrow, so my amazing volunteer Mrs. M who usually comes on Monday afternoons said 'sure!' so she came in and I walked her through how to work things. She'll be back tomorrow at about 3 so I can leave. She really is an incredible volunteer! You can see some of my pictures here I took on my phone this morning. So busy today! Had classes coming in to check in and out regular library books. Classes in the computer lab. As well as selling for the fair. It's like I turned around and the day was over! We had a student pick up a box that the kids put their lunch passes in and there was a spider in there! I finally got the box away from him and took the creature outside. Even though it's cold, he does not belong in the library! We also had a few things stolen from the book fair today. One boy came in and I noticed he was wearing a bracelet just like the ones we were selling. I asked him about it, and he said it was his, he had put it on this morning from home. Ah, I really didn't think so. So I mentioned how we get a little bit of money off of each item sold and I could buy the library books with that money, but first we would have to use the money to pay back the stolen items. So, if the bracelet was his fine, if not, I'd just go do something else and if he just put it back, that would be great. When they left, we found the bracelet on one of the top shelves. That's something at least. Did $130 worth of business today, since we had plenty, I took back the $60 I used from my account and now the book fair is entirely self supporting. Huzzah! Now that the kids know it's here, I expect much more buying tomorrow! Had a high school ask for our Basic Math books, since they were on the discard list and I packed those up today and transferred them over. A little more room on the shelf!

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