The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Wish we had that kind of budget in the library! But I made a simple mistake of putting money into a student print account, and then going to scan in a book I was checking to see if we should withdraw it and the code got put into his account! Good thing I caught it! We all had a laugh about it and thought he'd be able to print off that until he was like, 100! We fixed it! So, I withdrew a set of books that our substitute had pulled off our Least Circulated Items list and packed them up. Mrs. H went through them to make sure it was all right to pull them. I also started going down the fiction book section and did all the W,Y & Z authors and pulled those off for her to approve also. Did some repairs, and very busy putting in money for print accounts since grades are due as well as senior papers! Worked the CIS this morning for the seniors and also had to juggle the video announcements along with the book fair dvd and Channel One this morning.

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