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Monday, November 2, 2009

Art Around

Found some books piled on my chair when I came in today, so I checked them all in plus a few other books on my desk. Processed two teacher magazines and Transworld Skateboarding, Asimov's, Time, Newsweek and The New Yorker for the library. Another school wants to borrow The Stranger so I queried the appropriate departments and if I don't hear from them tomorrow I will lend it out. We haven't used it since 2004. Mrs. H had a new list of art books, so I checked to see if the district had any, and we actually had one of them, and the district had three others. Not bad! Then I got out all these art prints that I'd gone through the other day and placed them all up around the library on top of the book shelves. I thought it looked spectacular, and Mrs. H really liked it too. Mr. C came in after school and loved it. I took down the art project from last year, japanese messages on tin that kids didn't come in and take home and put them up on a shelf above where the art posters are. I also put money into print accounts, put together our display cases with art books in them and did more repairs. I had all my last cart of books to repair done, so I loaded up another cart. We had a request for Old Man and the Sea for two classes on Wednesday, so I let her know that was fine, and that for 1st period they'd need to get them from Mrs. M since I'm not in yet. I also forwarded that to Mrs. M so she'd be prepared. My Nano kids came in and I have four now signed up with one still playing soccer who will join us when that season ends. They each got onto the website and a couple even began to write. All five have received workbooks (thanks to the marvelous Mrs. H) and I'm excited to see how they do! Two returning Nanoers, and three new ones! :) I stayed with them until 4, and after my 'work' hours, I volunteered to paint over the dewey book illustration Mrs. T had started before they transferred her out of Sprague. She never got around to finish it, and so we finally decided to just paint over it. It will need another coat, but the first coat covered fairly nicely.

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