The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Covering Minutes

Right away a student asks for a movie, and we have to find out that he doesn't want to watch it in our back room, but wants to check it out and take it home, so we do that for him. Updated the staff email from my mailbox and deleted out frequent contacts as well. Got a class set of Sentence Combining ready for Ms. L, but they didn't come in. Maybe on Friday. Processed four teacher magazines and Time, Newsweek, Discover, PC World and People for us. Ran the barcodes for Nineteen Minutes and had a student finish stamping them, put in the barcode and number the books. Redid the Industrial Arts shelves for the new Automotive Excellence Volume 2 books and then checked out a class set to Mr. L. He sent aides up to take them down to him. Checked out two transferring students and cleared them off Trac-it and the library. I noticed that Mad magazine wasn't coming monthly, so I looked it up and they are now only quarterly! No wonder! I recounted our print money for Mrs. H and took it into the bookkeeper. And I started covering the Nineteen Minutes books today.

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