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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Veteran's Assembly

Friday - November 13th: This morning Mrs. H decided to close the library for the Veteran's Assembly. I sent in a picture of my son who is a Sprague graduate in the Army and my daughter and son-in-law who were both in the Air Force. They didn't have enough pictures to show, but they did have everyone stand up that had a family member currently serving. There were a lot. When one of our speakers asked for a show of hands on how many had a family member who had served or was serving, it seemed like nearly everyone raised a hand. I was glad we attended. Since assemblies are not mandatory, some people got mad that we didn't have the library open as a space for them to use during that time. That is terrible that people couldn't even come for a half an hour of honoring those who have made our freedoms possible. I checked in books that were left on my desk, took money from Jill from the kids that give her money to put in their print accounts and locked that away. Ms. B needed a book last night and I had already shut down so I entered that information this morning. Finished covering Nineteen Minutes and let Mrs. G know that they were set to go. I opened up the new labels we got in to process some magazines and they were the wrong format! Mrs. H found the number for the correct kind and ordered some for us. Processed three teacher magazines and Mad, Imagine, The New Yorker, Thrasher, Sports Illustrated and Popular Photo for the library. The magazines were a real mess today, which is good because that means people are using them but I had to straighten the rack and the spinner rack out twice today. I also went into the office and had to sign for my plan for Thanksgiving week which was easy for me since I'll be on vacation anyways! Did a bit of repairing and got to put back on the shelf an old 2nd edition copy of The Two Towers! That was classic!

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