The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Manga Club

Today Mrs. H had to leave early so I watched over the Manga Club until Mrs. D could arrive. They are an amazing group, full of energy. I covered books while I hung out with them. Requested a quote from Goodheart Wilcox on the Fashion Marketing and Merchandising books for Mrs. S. I got that quote in and got it ready for Mrs. H to send to the office. Mrs. H had brought in all our new books we picked up yesterday at Borders. We get a great discount and I love getting the chance to buy books for the school. I brought in my laptop so we could check and see which books we needed, did we have this title? and checked out what we needed in some of the series. Some things Borders didn't have so we added them into the Baker and Taylor order. Checked in and put away the Demco order for book repair tape. A student brought in an Environmental Science book that had the back cover torn off. I told him he'd get a repair charge and he was all right with that. I went into the main frame to bill him, and it locked me out again!!! Handed out workbooks, got in a 2 textbooks out slip all signed so I checked out a second book to the student, helped an aide with some shelving questions. I found some misshelved books today as well and put them away. Got almost all the Nineteen Minutes covered. They'll be done tomorrow!

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