The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Safety First

Today I brought in my camera and took pictures of our computer labs and the cords and wires we have all over the place. Mrs. H needs to compile pictures and what needs to be done for the safety committee and really wants to get the labs in good order. She's tripped several times going back and forth helping students, and Mrs. P has also tripped over some of the cords. It's just not a good situation. I hope the pictures will help. I spent most of the day repairing The American Experience books. Checked in and out some things, put some money in print accounts, helped a couple of kids log into the computers, monitored the computer lab and got ready some Geometry Connections Volume 2 ready for check out tomorrow. Asked a teacher if they were coming in for the books I pulled last week, and they won't come now until after Thanksgiving break. Another teacher asked for Freakonomics and Nineteen Minutes for her kids for after break as well.

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