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Monday, November 9, 2009

Nineteen Canaries of Excellence

Well, all right. So there were three books we got in today for processing, Nineteen Minutes, Hitler's Canary and Automotive Excellence Volume 2. As well as some label protecters. I processed in all the Hitler's Canary (just 8), and the Automotive Excellence (50 plus 4 teacher materials). We started to work on Nineteen Minutes. I let Mrs. H know we had gotten in all the copies for that PO# so she could tell our bookkeeper to close it. I had the aides begin breaking in the spines and stamping so that was a help in getting those done. I gave Ms. O the Lincoln's portraits I had gotten in from the State Library Tour, and also found her a copy of one of Lincoln's inaugural speeches that I found on an archive site. She will put them up around school during February. I couldn't find the one I'd done with Washington's speech, and I know I had it. Laminated the covers for Hitler's Canary and did some other stuff that was back there as well. Put money into accounts. Let Ms. W know that yes, I would be going to Italy over Thanksgiving week (yeah!).

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