The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Everyone was back at school today and if we weren't checking out books to students, we were bringing in new ones. Did send a box of texts back to McNary HS. And a box of audio books to LMSS for processing. Responded as appropriate to 49 different emails. We also had a teacher who just had a new baby and his substitute showed up today with classes looking for their books. I quickly told her it was all right and we regeared to make sure his kids got their books as well as the kids we already had scheduled to come in. Crazy lines at the end of 6th and beginning of 7th period as two block classes came in at the same time getting two books each - the line just kept growing as Mrs. H and I checked out books it seemed! Day got done, we have a new aide and he helped put out books for classes tomorrow so we were all set before we left today and got out on time. I'll have some good stats at the end of the week! Stopped all our release kids and made them show me their schedules and then sign in. They weren't real happy about it, they pretty much just came and went last year as they pleased, and others who were not on release as well ~~~ !

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