The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Totally forgot about putting the tattle strips into the new books last Friday! Argh! I've got to get more into Mrs. M's amazing way of handling books! I think I found most of them to strip. One of our aides went around where we had displayed the new books and pulled out all the ones that didn't have our dot on top (to show they've been stripped) and I think we got most of them! Also turned in an order for The Adoration of Jenna Fox, and didn't know that with Permabound I have to send that through Mrs. H first! Luckily the order hasn't been placed yet, so we caught it in time! What a learning curve! Checked out more books today, but it's slowing down. Boxed up five boxes of Earth Science books and got those sent out to North HS and boxed up six more boxes to send to McNary and I'll send another six boxes to them tomorrow. Then I have 9th grade lit books to send (25) and 75 Biology books to pack up. Ordered in a couple of library books from out and about and worked on my spreadsheet so it will make sense to me when I look at it. Had our aides put away a cart of books we pulled last spring for reading groups and they needed to be put in the back. Checked in Catcher in the Rye we got in from another school. Had a phone call from a lady who wanted to know if we were needing another library assistant? She really wanted to work in a library! I told her we'd just lost our other assistant and were down hours for this year. What a busy day! Checked out our release kids, had them check in and then went through SASI to see if they really did have release. One of our students was hiding in the library this morning, and he got caught by one of the IA's this afternoon, and when I tried to sweet talk him into going to class I got a mouthful of 'F*** the class. I don't learn any F*** thing in there..."  not to mention I "came out of my mother's a**" and so on, so I took him to the office and left him there to settle down and get some help. He was here a couple of years ago, was gone and is now back. I tried to talk at him about how important it was to hang in there, he'd just come back and that showed how much he'd grown, but there was always more work to do. He's one of those kids that you want to help, but he needs to help himself as well and needs some coaching, so hopefully I can help provide that to him. He does not have any release periods so I will be vigilant!

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