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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Turn it in

That's what Mrs. H did for a lot of today! We had classes in and she got to teach. Ms. A took her place at one of the computers and helped me check out books. Another day of lots of things going on, kids in, books checked out, it was great. Though we did have our program shut down for a restart so that it would run faster, it was worth it because it did run much faster after that. I had to turn three classes away at the door :(  We only had a little bit of a notice and I totally thought it was over already, and then oh my! It was just in a few minutes, so I wasn't able to warn the teachers. But it only took about 10 minutes, and we were back up and a big difference! Processed in five teacher magazines and eight for the library. Put in an order for Realidades 3 books, so hopefully that will get approved and off. So much going on, but things should be slowing down tomorrow and getting back to normal. Pulled a TV and DVD player for an event tonight and made sure they were working. They wanted to use the library and I was "ah, we have books all over the tables in here...." so they will use the Commons instead. Getting to know our release kids as well, love to see them come in.

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