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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Oly Day

Our first school day is dedicated to our freshmen! It's a great day and time for them to get a handle on the school before all the other students crowd the halls. I like it :)  We had groups come into the library to check it out, but other groups just walked by, so we cheered them on. Had to cart in two boxes of books I picked up on Thursday at the meeting and get them all checked in. Also checked in a class set of ASL resources the teacher doesn't need for this year. Checked out a library book and sent it off to North HS. Got in a book someone tried to rub off all the Sprague stamps and lost the cover to. So I restamped it and put the new barcode and spine label on. Processed in the rest of the AP Chemistry Laboratory manuals and checked them out to Mr. W. Answered a ton of emails from teachers. Helped Mrs. H with our newly configured computer lab. Had to add in computers and got Vision to work on it. After lunch I started pulling books for classes tomorrow. Algebra 2 73; World History 135; Economics 61; Physics 89; Giancolli and the Prep 25; Reading Literature 55; Art for the Ages all 77 of the big ones (took me four trips with the flat cart); American Pageant 78; American Experience 78; Precalculus 78; Practice of Statistics 38; Prentice Hall Platinum 35 and Mrs. H had to help out and put out a couple of hundred America Pathways. Did some more class sets, Mr. C had 40 World Literature and 68 America Pathways; Mr. L got 40 Conceptual Physics. Mr. C got 38 of the Twentieth Century and Mrs. P had to trade in her American Government book for the US Government book (she likes the US Gov book better). Had some freshmen come in and actually check out books today so that was a lot of fun. Had teachers putting stuff back by the laminator and sent out an email saying we would laminate on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm getting quite the pile back there! Moved old AV carts down to the new teacher workroom in the old Oly Lounge. What else? That was a lot, and I'm sure I've forgotten something or two! But that's it for tonight, I'm bushed!

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