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Monday, September 23, 2013

Banned Book Week

I knew Banned Book Week was soon, but not this week! Mrs. H was all over it though and had posted to me on Facebook "Hey, I just met you, this is crazy, someone just banned me, so read me, maybe!" from the popular song going around right now, so we took our stuff off the bulletin board and did that on it with pictures of books that are on our shelves (well, except for Captain Underpants) around it. Then I took our nice shelving unit and crossed over 'new' with 'Banned!' books and a notice of why they were banned and pulled all the titles we currently have on the shelves to display there. Turned out pretty nice all in all! We also have a couple of teachers doing a writing unit, so Mr. S gave us a list of books on writing, and we had about 2/3rds of them, so I pulled them, and then also pulled some books that might be similar calibur that I don't think he knew we had on the shelf. Mrs. H is going to book talk them tomorrow for the class so I had to turn down two students who wanted to check them out! They can after the talk tomorrow! Checked in 39 library books today and various textbooks. Mr. L had classes in and so I had to help a lot of students with their computer log-ins. Had to flip Mr. L's screen so it would project onto the screen at the front of the lab. Helped a student pick out a book for class. Had some great aide help today and my release list of kids keeps getting longer. A good day all in all!

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