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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


All day today I kept thinking it was Wednesday. Not sure why, but it was funny. A group of kids came into the library and one asked "What day is it today?" so I said "Wednesday!" Boxed up the rest of the Biology books to send to McNary. Processed in five magazines. Worked the release list. Checked out two class sets, one of Lord of the Flies and one of Biology and had an aide deliver them. Laminated all the stuff in the back. Mr. P gets the award for the biggest stack of things to laminate! Checked out to a class Lord of the Flies and various other titles today. Though my greatest 'kudo' for the day... we have a student who had two books out to him from last year. He knew where one was, but couldn't remember the other. He brought in Peak today and we cleared it, and the other book was the Coffin Quilt. I asked if he'd taken Mrs. O's class last year, and he said yes. So I went through the books we had used last year, and none of them were his copy. Then I remembered that we had withdrawn a batch and put them in her room, so I sent him down with the barcode and there it was! It had been withdrawn, but not checked in to get it off his record! Ta dahhh!! It still wouldn't check in, but the program allowed me to 'claim a return' on it and now he's all clear and could check out a book. He was happy, I was very, very, very happy we got all that taken care of. Then I also sent an email to our bookkeeper to make sure it gets off his account if it was on there. Happy afternoon!

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