The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


We currently have way too many carts up front! I have at least four of them in various book sets, there were three empty ones and a flat cart! I keep thinking we're getting somewhere, but maybe not! Ms. L came in with her students to get The Adoration of Jenna Fox today and was very apologetic because she had told me they wouldn't be in until tomorrow! Quick run to the back, grab books, check them out. Still checking out various titles. Got in our 30 extra new Realidades 3 books so a lady needed something to do, so I had her start to break in the spines, stamp and barcode them. Got in 115 Chemistry books and I got them all out and ready for Mr. D's classes. We also got in an extra box that was supposed to go to North I think of Culinary textbooks - opps! Put that one back to go out! Boxes all over, checking our release kids. Mrs. H was book talking all day so we had plenty of kids coming in and checking out books. Manga Club had their first meeting today and that was fun to see them all excited about the new year. I think they had the biggest group I've ever seen in there and one of our new teachers, Mr. L likes Manga, so he came and met them all and sat in on the meeting. Another busy day, they go by fast!

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