The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, September 6, 2013

First Week Down & Stats

Finally! The first week of students is over! A little easier today, but still checking out textbooks and a few lines, but not nearly as bad as yesterday and Wednesday! Got the rest of the Baker and Taylor order unboxed today. Turned around one of our reference shelves that had been put in backwards. Worked out a deal with the Earth Science textbooks that everyone should be partially happy with. What a broohaha! But Mrs. H and I finally made a decision since no one else would with all the information we had available. Mr. L showed me how to change the rolls on the laminator machine so hopefully I can do it next time by myself. Had our aide pull all the textbooks back to where my desk used to be and we'll be able to open up the library for lunches starting Monday. Glad the day is over! Trolled through a ton of emails deciding which to go in a file and others to go ahead and delete. In four days we checked out 28 class sets for 1,089 books, and to 93 classes of students for 3,077 books! Life is good! Home to my daughter who is visiting and my granddaughter too!

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