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Thursday, January 12, 2017


Today I knew that Ms. S's class was coming in for a tour of one of our research sites, but totally forgot! I even had her write 'Disc' on the lab calendar and still forgot! Oh my! So I quickly logged into the teacher computer and started to show the students what to do. By her third class we were really working and the students that got on, loved checking everything out on the EBSCO Discovery Service site. It really is amazing! I also helped students get logged on, showed them how to navigate to the site. Got some nice interaction today! Helped students get non-fiction books. Checked out a class of library books. We got in a notice that we could be eligible for a LMSS grant for $2000! So I went through my collection report and then went to PermaBound for their collection search and picked out new 900's books since our books come on average from 1997! That's 20 years old! Then I started on the 500's since they are also average 1997. That's a lot of years in between then and now! I love the PermaBound site, you can put in everything from Dewey range to number of pages and grade interest...I loved it! I still have a lot to learn on it, but it's good to weed out the old and get working on the new. There are so many new things to learn about. Favorite moment today? Two girls came in looking for books on Rosa Parks. We had a few left, so I showed them what we had, then gave them some other options. A book on Elizabeth Keckley (dressmaker to Mary Lincoln) and another on Bessie, one of the first African American aviators and they took those! I love letting students see what is all out there in the world beyond what they can easily grasp and show them fascinating books that make them go, wow! Really? Asked for some new posters for the library. Also asked for next Wednesday afternoon off to spend my mom's birthday with her. Mr. M said that was fine. I have such a great school!

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