The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Switched at First

I was all ready for Ms. M's class to come in first period, and then Ms. F's class came in. Looked at the schedule to see that Ms. M doesn't even have a first period class! Then that meant she would be in 3rd period along again with Ms. F's class. Then I had Ms. F come in we thought during B lunch, but it turns out they have B lunch so ended up coming in at the end of my lunch. But since they had B lunch I went ahead and cut my lunch short so they could get in their lunch. I was ready to open then for B lunch and a staff member came in with a student and slammed the door on the copy room and the student was so upset she was yelling and then broke down and started to cry and sob, so I didn't let anyone come in. We ended up having 6 classes come in to check out books today. Did 3 math classes 'Kercheski' style to be delivered tomorrow. Sent my 'Beast Mode' trophy on to our lovely bookkeeper. She really is amazing and I ended with 'and now, the Keeper of Books hands it off to our bookkeeper!' She leaves at 2 every day, so I will take it up to her in the morning. Worked on a PermaBound order. I'm really working at getting popular books in as PermaBound since I know they will last that way. A great day with a lovely snow shower for a few moments to make the day special!

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