The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Another great day in the library. Worked on my Black History Month first display with a 'Where did they come from' theme. The aides are nearly all trained and I even had some today checking out Kercheski style for me today! Got them out on the shelves and starting to do shelving. Still have one aide I haven't seen yet. Got my Scholastic books all stamped and sent off, then got the call that my Girl in the Blue Coat book is not approved for middle school. Rats!! I had only stamped the top, so that wasn't too bad. I looked up the high schools and found two that didn't have it, so I asked if they wanted it and they said yes. Good for them. Glad to help! Though I'd rather have the book in my library!! Did some laminating. Took down my cooking display and will put up a 'blind date with a book' something or other starting tomorrow. Maybe a set of dinnerware? Candles? Might have to give it a try! Talked with Scholastic today and got my next book fair all set up and ready to go. Took three more class sets of math up to Mr. G today. Had some students in the halls at lunch. Two girls were opening and closing the boys bathroom door by the library. Ms. V and I went out there and they were from lunch, what were they doing down the hall??? And messing about with the door of the boys bathroom??There are bathrooms right by the lunch room?? Then three boys came running down the hall and I chased after them up the stairs. Two disappeared, one went to his locker. I headed back to the library and Ms. C saw me and I told her what had happened. After work I helped again at the wrestling game and got to just keep time this time (sooo easy!) and as I left to come home, Ms. C said they identified the students from the cameras and that I had really picked up and ran after those boys! She was impressed! Ready for a new day tomorrow!

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