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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

32 Days in Africa

March 10th: A student aide requested help this morning putting away some of the textbooks, so I did that for him. He's one of our special kids and feels better when a staff member is giving him some direction. Another student came and put 13 cents on his account for paying off a DVD on his account ($5) and so I marked it and gave it to Mrs. H. Roland Smith is coming to Sprague so I had my aides work on the outside bulletin boards for him today and we got the information up and the titles of some of his books. I worked on repairing our The American Experience books that are getting battered, checked out a class set of Witness and processed magazines. I had a student come in to pick up the Algebra Connections Volume 2 and she apologized that she hadn't been here since she'd just returned from 32 days in Africa! She had on a beautiful wrap and necklace and said she was still a bit jet lagged. I told her she should contact Mr. V and have someone do an article for The Gambit on her journey, she said she might!

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