The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Last Day Before Spring Break

Lots going on today. CIS for starters. I waited for my group to come in, and when they didn't I went to the teacher's room and they were all in the other computer lab with another class! So I stayed and helped them out. Then lots of repairing, setting books to glue for the next week and getting shelves cleared off. Cleaned up our teacher guides for our novels and got one to Mr. M. Had our aides do a bit of work then read a Roland Smith book for his visit on the 30th. I will come in early to attend and help out. Clicked a few freshmen out of games on the computers while they were supposed to be doing CIS stuff later in the day. Put a new page in a Calculus book. Cleared all the carts in the library and textbooks so all the books would be all shelved for the break. Put books out to sell again at lunch. We didn't have any students purchase any, but a couple of teachers did. We will keep these for Monday after his talk in case they want to buy one and have him sign it. Counted up the money with Mrs. H to get it put away for the break. Closed up everything, turned off everything we could and I even remembered to take my plant home (as well as check out some books for the break!).

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