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Monday, March 9, 2009

Short Story

Came back to work to see our aides busily processing the books Mrs. H and I had selected during Friday's work. Very nice! We are having registration for next year in the library these next two weeks and so we are closed except for scheduled lab classes. Our printers have special paper in them for printing up the new classes (on one side is parent information for checking the schedules and changing if necessary) so Mrs. J had made signs for all the computers that they cannot print until the end of class. I announced to each class that if they wanted to print we needed to to wait until the end of the period and then change paper. I think it went well. Gave out two class sets of Witness and some Algebra Connections Volume 2 and a class set of Foundations of Algebra Year 1 Volume 2. Processed magazines, checked over the repair gluing I did last week and they had done well, both library and textbooks. I only needed to glue another for the corners and the rest were taped, checked and checked back into the inventory. Checked in and out individual students today, helped a teacher with her in-class set of books. She needs to occasionally let a student take a text home so she emails me on the book and the student that has it and I check out the book to the student. Mrs. H and Mrs. J ate lunch and called me, but I was busy with a student and didn't hear them! So I ended up eating lunch alone and reading a short story by Neil Gaiman from our collection :)

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