The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today is St. Patrick's Day and last year we had Mr. J (one of our science teachers) play in the library. Yesterday we hadn't heard from him, so I e-mailed to see if he would play and he said, yes, he would! So after school today he came in with one of our seniors who plays drums and they put on a wonderful performance. We had quite a few staff come down and listen and it was nice hearing the sound of the pipes swirling around. I spent most of the day working on repairs and have the cart full of books all done but one. Got ready some of our Permabound The Great Gatsby's for a teacher and checked a lot of those out. Mrs. H ended up going to pick up her broken-legged son who was having a bad day at school and Mrs. J left for an appointment. Ms. W came down with some CD's that had been ordered and we decided to leave them for Mrs. H tomorrow. Processed some magazines. But mostly gluing and taping books. My goal is to have all the books on the shelves all refurbished so we can cycle them out to students next year and refurbish the ones they currently have out. Thank you Mr. J for a wonderful mini concert!

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