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Monday, March 30, 2009

Roland Smith Pays a Visit

Today I go in early because author Roland Smith is coming to do a presentation for our school. We partnered up with Pringle Elementary to make it work and had a great turn out here at Sprague. He did a slide presentation and then fielded questions from the students on his life and the writing trade. Afterwards he came out to the commons and signed books for students and teachers. We also had him sign 4 hardback copies that we have on our shelves. A wonderful way to start back to school after spring break! Then, Mrs. H got a message that her son had reinjured his leg! Her hubby rushed over to get him while she finished up a few things and then went to her son and ended up being gone for the rest of the day. Back at the library, I pulled books for classes. Mr. C needed 2 class sets of To Kill a Mockingbird, and Ms. L requested 2 class sets of The Bean Trees. Mr. L on the math side brought in his geometry classes for Geometry Connections Volume 2 for 3 classes. Ms. C needed our set of 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens with their workbooks. Mrs. S came in to see how many Witness we had. I sorted the weeks worth of mail we had, helped out with Mrs. J's sub, answered a request for a title from South HS, processed magazines, helped out another librarian with some statistics, had our aides pull down all the Roland Smith flyers we had out, checked some of the repairs I had left over break and got the gynormous dictionary back on it's lecturn and some more books to be put away. Added up the book sales from the author visit, Mrs. H called to remind me to get the Infocus machine out of the Pantheon (our stage) so I sent an aide down to take care of that, helped a student find a new set of books she may enjoy, ran the front desk after the sub left, checked in and out books, had aides work on their shelf section, and finally shut down the library for the night.

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